I know that I am late to the party, but I am REALLY enjoying @neutralshow (Neutral Podcast, aka ATP: Car Edition) with @marcoarment, @caseyliss, @siracusa. Please bring it back! 🙏🏎🎉

TIL about the “Ignore” button in Outlook. Automatically unsubscribe from email threads for which coworkers insist on using “Reply All”. Works like magic.

TFW you’re cooking with Tabasco sauce, and you realize that you misread the recipe and used 1 Tbsp instead of 1 tsp. 🔥

Re-thinking my cloud storage, and thinking about moving from Dropbox to CloudStation on my Synology NAS. Anyone else have experience with this? Is CloudStation reliable?

Having so much fun with @freecodecamp! I had a (sort of) working knowledge of HTML/CSS, and now I’m forced to build projects and learn while doing that. 🎉💯

I am loving micro.blog! Great work, @manton! @help, so is there a straightforward way to integrate your sidebar.js script into a Jekyll site that is served on github pages? Thanks.

Programming is hard… I spent literally a whole day trying to figure out why my optional image view was returning nil and crashing the app… until I realized that I forgot to connect the image view to the code 😳

Just registered on micro.blog. This is the start of a new era. Congratulations to Manton Reece on a job well done!